Friday, September 21, 2012

Ultrasound - Day 7 of Stims

This isn't going to be a very long post because I am not feeling well tonight. Everything really started to hit me this afternoon and I guess it is time to listen to the doctors and just rest. The appointment went great this morning and things are right on track. As of this morning I had 18 (yes, EIGHTEEN) follicles (eggs) growing inside of my ovaries. I go back on Sunday for another check up and hopefully my pre-op, too. The follicles are good sizes right now, but not quite mature yet so we have to continue for a couple more days. My E2 (estrogen) levels are still very high and I am at risk for developing OHSS once egg retrieval takes place. If you remember from my last post, on Wednesday E2 level was at 1043 and today's labs came back at 2413. These levels tend to double about every 48 hours. To put it in perspective, the average woman's estrogen levels get to be around 200 every month around the time they ovulate. I am assuming that we will do the trigger shot on Sunday night and egg retrieval will most likely (fingers crossed) be on Tuesday. I'm just ready to do this. My emotions are all over the place tonight and I am crying a lot. I am wanting my own bed, and I miss my cat (lol...). Yes, we've only been staying out of town for a day so far, but I'm hormonal so cut me some slack. I honestly feel quite pathetic. My belly is bloated and uncomfortable. Not to mention how gross it looks from all of the shots. I really hope this is all going to be worth it. IVF is no joke and it is NOT easy! This is very hard on the body and mind. Please pray that I feel a little better tomorrow and that things go well so we can have the retrieval soon.

Also, again, if anyone feels led to help us out financially right now this is the link where you can donate: . I really hate asking for help, but unfortunately we are on a military budget and are in need of it at the moment. I do not want to pressure anyone, however, so do not feel that you have to. Just know that it will not go unnoticed if you do.


  1. I just saw this blog posted on the resolve facebook page. I wanted to wish you the best of luck through this journey. We are also military and did a cycle in July though Walter Reed. We are trying again in the Sept cycle again at Walter Reed. There a lot of ups and downs that come with going through a MTF. I have heard the other three are far different from Walter Reed so my own experiences with the military aspect are probably far different. This will be our last shot at IVF as my husband is getting out of the military in less than a year. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you! And good luck to you as well. This is our last shot, too. My husband has been in the med-board process for a while and is just finishing up. We should be out in the next couple months which is scary! We actually should have been out a while back, but paperwork was lost. We are ready to move on from military life, but at the same time are thankful we were able to try this. I hope all goes well with you in your next attempt! This really is a difficult process.

    2. Oh, and we are going through BAMC (used to be done at Wilford Hall) in San Antonio.