Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The beginning and end of chapters

       Next week, on September 12th, our IVF journey will begin. It is a scary and exciting time in our life and has taken our journey through infertility to a new level. I have been documenting a lot of our journey on my other blog, but have decided to begin a new one to mark the start of a new chapter. Because my husband is in the military, we have been blessed in being able to have much of our treatments done for no cost. We were excepted into a program a couple years back and although we must drive the three hours to San Antonio (and at early hours of the morning) we do not complain because this opportunity has allowed us to pursue things we normally would not be able to do. Now that we are going through IVF though - we do have to pay and let me tell you it is not cheap! Especially on a military budget. Again, we are still extremely blessed because although it is still a lot of money, it is much cheaper than in the civilian world where we would never be able to do this.
      Anyway, enough of the financial aspect. My hubby is getting ready to get out of the military and we never thought we'd be able to fit this in before he got out. There is typically a year waiting list for IVF at our clinic (they only do the procedure three times a year), but miraculously! there was a cancellation and we were able to get in!! Doing things through the military is a little different than in the civilian world. Because they only offer IVF a few times a year, the women in the program are divided up into four groups for the month with one group starting each week. We are in the last group of the 'August/September' cycle. So the clinic is seeing a bunch of women at once and it has a 'herded cattle' type of feeling (ha!). The doctors are fantastic though and I have really enjoyed working with them over the past couple years. They really have tried everything they can to make things work, and unfortunately none of the IUIs were ever successful for us. Our factors are just too severe for IUI to work. We have a lot of faith in this IVF cycle though and are happy we are able to try this. Next week, I stop birth control on the 10th (Monday), go in on the 12th (Wednesday) to pick up all of my meds (it's going to be a lot!!), have my baseline ultrasound and blood work, and attend a med class. This is the first time my husband will have to help me with some of the injections and I am very nervous about him doing it. Luckily, they will teach him at the class and he will get to 'practice'. I begin my injections on the 15th (Saturday). Then the real fun begins!! Egg retrieval should take place sometime during the week of the 23rd.

One last thing that I want to put out there now - I will be documenting our journey and will keep everyone updated throughout it, but when it comes to announcing any pregnancy, or lack there of, we will be doing that on our own time. We are thankful for those friends and family who support us and we appreciate all the prayers that have been sent our way over the past few years, but we will request that no one ask us about the outcome. We will be sure to announce what happened when we are ready. If no pregnancy results, we will need time to process and mourn. If we do manage to conceive, we will want to make sure the pregnancy is viable and that all looks well before we let the world know. Your understanding would be much appreciated :) This is a major thing for us and much more intense than any treatment we have done thus far. I can not predict how I will be feeling during it or how my emotions will be. I may feel great, but I may not be up for much. Again, your understanding and compassion would be appreciated. Please pray! We love you all!


  1. I am really looking forward to following your next chapter! I am praying that everything works out in your best wishes!!!!

    1. Thank you, dear! I am really hoping so, too. I may be a human pin cushion for a while, but that is ok :) I think I will do some video documentary this time as well!