Thursday, September 20, 2012

Human Pin Cushion

This morning I had to add in another injection. Apparently this one causes my skin to turn all red for a while. I also ran out of one Follistim vial in my pen, so I had to stick myself twice for that one, too. Which meant I had to do three shots this morning. Plus I have to do one tonight. I am really starting to feel like a pin cushion! This is what my stomach is looking like right now (gross I know):

(Left side of stomach)

 (Right side of stomach)

I'm sure it is pretty obvious that I'm getting bloated, too. Oh well. It is part of the fun! lol. Looking forward to my appointment tomorrow morning and hopefully we'll be told when they think egg retrieval will be. I'm hoping I only have a few more days of these shots (well, of stimming, because I won't be done and that is when the big ones start.. but that's another story). I'm assuming trigger will be either Sunday or Monday night, which would put retrieval at either Tuesday or Wednesday morning at some point. I guess we will see how accurate I am! 

Until tomorrow...


  1. Anxious to here about your appointment tomorrow! I have mine tomorrow also.

    1. Are you getting marks on your stomach, too?! I know I'm doing them right and I've done injections before, but I've never gotten THIS bruised up. Got to love it! Praying for you!